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Is the benchtop in your kitchen due for an upgrade? Don’t go for the full renovation as benchtop resurfacing is half the price and achieves the same result!

Is the vanity in your bathroom looking worse for wear?

At ‘Mark’s In Your Bath’, we offer exceptional vanity resurfacing services, a cost-effective and quick alternative to an entire bathroom renovation.

Is the laundry benchtop or laundry cabinetry in your laundry looking worse for wear?

At ‘Mark’s In Your Bath’, we offer exceptional benchtop and capinetry resurfacing services, a cost-effective and quick alternative to an entire laundry renovation.

The Resurfacing Process

When you choose to work with Mark’s in Your Bath for a bathroom resurfacing job in your home, here’s the basic process you can expect us to follow:

1. Preparation

We start by getting your bathroom or kitchen ready for resurfacing. This step typically involves complete cleaning and drying of all surfaces.

2. Resurfacing

The resurfacing step involves a proprietary bonding agent and a powerful topcoat system, both applied in spray form to the vanity or benchtop. These agents combine to give your vanity and benchtop a gleaming finish that looks brand new.

With your newly resurfaced vanity or kitchen benchtop, you will be able to enjoy shining surfaces and a cleaner look. Best of all, once the bonding agent and topcoat have bonded to the substrates, your new surface will be able to withstand years of cleaning without replacement or maintenance.

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Benefits of our Resurfacing Services across Brisbane

Bathroom Vanity, Laundry & Kitchen Benchtops

Are you putting off upgrading a benchtop in your bathroom, laundry or kitchen because it is expensive and a hassle? Our bathroom, laundry and kitchen benchtop resurfacing service is a perfect alternative that produces the same result. It is a smart way to renovate, as your benchtops are often still in good nick. Rather than get rid of them and incur extra costs, we offer reliable benchtop resurfacing in Brisbane.

Benchtop resurfacing costs a lot less than replacing your entire kitchen or laundry benchtop or bathroom vanity with a full renovation.

For your convenience, you can choose any colour for your resurfacing project to match the fixtures in your bathroom, laundry or kitchen.

At ‘Mark’s In Your Bath’, we make sure that your bathroom, laundry and kitchen are properly resurfaced to fight mould problems.

Why Choose Kitchen Resurfacing

Kitchen Resurfacing benefits include:

  • No replacement: If you balk at the prospect of buying new items, kitchen benchtop resurfacing is a cost-effective and hassle-free option. In addition, it affords you various design choices to suit your style and the look and feel of your kitchen.

  • Environment friendly: Not only is kitchen benchtop resurfacing much quicker and more economical, but it also produces less waste in terms of building material. Thus it is a great alternative that is easy on the environment.

  • Options: When it comes to resurfacing a kitchen benchtop or even a vanity resurfacing, we can match the colour of your existing fixtures so the upgrade appears seamless and fresh. Your kitchen looks like new, and it is easy on your pocket.

  • Mould resistance: It is essential that your kitchen be as hygienic as possible, as it is your home’s main food preparation and storage area. Dealing with a professional such as ‘Mark’s In Your Bath’ ensures proper resurfacing so mould does not propagate, yielding clean work surfaces for a long time.

What We Do

Best Resurfacing Services

We pride ourselves on our quality workmanship and also keep our customers informed every step of the way. This service excellence gives you peace of mind and confidence that your kitchen is in good hands.

Below are the main steps we follow:

  • Preparing the surfaces: It is important that any kitchen benchtop that is going to be resurfaced be as clean and dry as possible to avoid any imperfections. Therefore, we are meticulous in our initial preparation to ensure the best result.

  • Resurfacing: The agent we use to bond the new surface is unique to us. Combined with our top coat, our system consists of a spray-on technique for a brand-new-looking finish that needs minimal maintenance over its lifespan.

The simplest and most affordable way to renovate your kitchen is resurfacing, especially if your benchtops are still in good condition. Your kitchen surfaces will continue to shine like new for a long time and stay clean and hygienic.

Contact ‘Mark’s in Your Bath’ to give your kitchen a hassle-free new lease on life.

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