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Transform your bathroom from a dull, drab, and stained place into an attractive and hygienic one.

At ‘Mark’s In Your Bath’, we specialise in delivering the best bathroom resurfacing services across Brisbane, with the benefit of being less expensive and time-consuming than a full bathroom renovation but still delivering the same results.

How does bathroom resurfacing work you may ask? You get to keep the current layout of your bathroom and we restore the flooring, bathtub, shower, tile work, and other surfaces throughout the bathroom.

The result is a bathroom that looks brand new for half the cost of a full renovation!

Bring back the sparkle to your bathroom.

Bathroom surfaces can develop a porous texture over time, making them difficult to clean. Among these surfaces, bathtubs tend to be the most severely affected. However, resurfacing offers a practical solution by applying a fresh coating that revitalises these surfaces. Any minor damages are also repaired during the process, restoring the original appearance. The new coating can also be customised to any desired colour, whether a vibrant high-gloss, smooth satin, or subtle matte finish.

What’s great about this method is that the same coating can also be applied to the wall tiles and vanity. Therefore all the surfaces in your bathroom can benefit from the durable and resilient coating simultaneously, which not only saves you time but also helps you save money. It’s a cost-effective and efficient way to transform the entire bathroom with new life and ensure its longevity.

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Transform The Look Of Your Bathroom
With Our Quality Bathroom Resurfacing Services Across Brisbane